Photo of Mary Pat Dorr

Mary Pat began her photographic career 1979 as a result of her Santa Monica College journalism training. Hired as a freelance writer to create and produce a corporate newsletter, Mary Pat was expected to do interviews and take photos so she did. Over the ensuing years however her business pursuits turned exclusively to taking pictures. She built a very successful business in Manhattan Beach, California, where she lived for almost 50 years, doing portraits, weddings, civic events and fine art photography of people, places and things not only in Manhattan Beach but from many places in the world.

Known best for her Manhattan Beach pier and beach scenes, her portfolio includes an interesting array of scenic images from Europe and other parts of the world. Mary Pat did not relate very well to the technical side of the profession but her natural talent for composition, lighting and subject selection made her prints much sought after for individual’s private collections, office and business decorating and print media applications. Her floral collection is exciting, bold and colorful; her boat series is solitary and serene exhibiting her diverse style and interest.

Mary Pat left us in 2010 but her legacy will live on through the collection of photos that give us the world as she saw it.